Flight sim cockpit plans

The range of hardware available to MSFS users has never been better, with a whole host of specialised, high quality commercial products on the market to enhance the simulation experience.

DIY Flight Simulator Cockpit

Unfortunately, even their Basic Training Device was well out of my price range. This opened up the option of building a complete cockpit simulator to augment my WidevieW system. This article documents the project, and hopefully may inspire some of you to try something similar! With the intention of spreading the cost over several months, I initially ordered just the ASI, Attitude and Altimeter gauges along with the central control unit from SimKits.

Some gauges require the servos to be modified for continuous rotation. These can be bought pre-modified from SimKits, or you can download instructions from the website and modify them yourself - I chose the latter route. The large instruments are 79mm diameter. After accurately marking out the gauge positions it was off to my local tool store to pick up the hole saws. Unfortunately, these sizes were not stocked by any tool shop locally, so they had to be ordered. With the holes cut, the panel was really starting to take shape.

Dave Britzius Flight Simulator Cockpits

To obtain a good finish the plywood was coated with a plastic film and shrunk on with a hair dryer. The whole thing was then sprayed with a matt grey acrylic paint designed for vinyl and car bumpers.

The final bit of work with the panel was to build the avionics stack, designed initially for the GF and GF-P8, but with room for two GF radio modules and another GF-P8 pushbutton module that could be added at a later date. I left the Altimeter until last, as it was the most complex kit with a plethora of gear wheels, soldering and a servo to modify. This instrument took over two hours in total, but when completed the gauge refused to calibrate. The SimKits website has a very active technical forum which is a great source of help and information, and the SimKits support department is very quick to help out.

I eventually traced the problem to the servo I modified. This involves cutting the top of the potentiometer shaft inside the servo and then gluing it centrally. As there was a lot of grease inside the servo mechanism the glue had not stuck, and a tiny shard of plastic on the output shaft was turning the pot shaft when the servo ran. Clearing out the grease and gluing properly cured the problem.

The next consignment of instruments arrived from Simkits enabling me to nearly complete the panel — VOR 1 and 2 gauges would be installed at a later date. I had very few problems building any of the remaining gauges, although I managed to break the bulb on the turn coordinator! This gauge really needs a person with three hands to position the front plate, as very accurate alignment is required to ensure the slip ball fits exactly over the eccentric shaft.

One other issue was slipping of the heading bug on the Heading Indicator. A quick visit to the SimKits forum found a solution, and highlighted that you should never glue the units face plate on until it is fully tested. Although the face plates can be removed, the noises the plastic makes when breaking the glue weld is very disconcerting! The main and avionics panels were mounted to a wooden frame constructed over the existing yoke, fixed with small self tapping screws.

I played around with the eyepoint, and with the panel assembly sitting directly above the yoke the forward view and instrument height were almost identical to a real The CCU was mounted directly behind the panel giving easy access to all the connectors.

Although some mouse and keyboard actions were still required — typically at start up and shut down — the feeling was much closer to sitting in a real aircraft.

The GF-T8 toggle switch unit was installed to the left of the yoke to operate most of the electrical equipment. The VOR gauges were easy to build, although the VOR 1 gauge was a bit fiddly positioning the top plate so the needles engaged on the servo eccentrics.Welcome to the new revolution of advanced flight simulation! All SimSamurai flight simulator cockpit designs are available for purchase in several ways.

Welcome To The KwikPit Company

The main goal of SimSamurai is to help you, the avid flight sim pilot, realize your own goals by helping make advanced flight simulation more fun and most importantly,…more affordable! A reality for most every sim pilot and many of us real pilots too! The only solution to this issue is to build an economically made yet professional quality sim cockpit based around a single PC which can often double for daily home or office computing which may also include playing other games aside from flight simulation.

Each cockpit design we offer is unique unto itself and each plan set takes a lot of research and refinement of materials usage to make sure that you minimize waste while building to save money.

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The result of these extra efforts makes for the best possible product, all at a cost that is affordable to build while not sacrificing structural integrity nor professional quality.

All of our designs are engineered to be very stable, sturdy, and can last a lifetime. Most importantly, they all provide that special feel of a real aircraft cockpit once you are up and flying. Welcome to the new revolution of home cockpit building!

We encourage you to investigate each SimSamurai cockpit design page. We are sure you can find one in our fleet that suits your own needs and budget. Enjoy…and thank you for flying SimSamurai. Lastly, whenever logging any of these limited hours in any FAA approved simulator it must also be completed under the supervision and instruction of a flight instructor.

Only once you take this next step will your training really begin to benefit your real world practical skills. Practicing and performing procedures and maneuvers over and over again in the real air obviously costs thousands of dollars.

This is why flight simulators have actually been around just as long as aircraft.

Cessna 172 Home Flight Simulator - Xplane 11

Believe it or not the Wright Brothers had a flight simulator too! Please know that a realistic flight sim, while an obvious investment, can and will save you thousands of dollars in the real world over your entire flying career. It will grow your confidence, increase your safety, and will hopefully make you a much better pilot over the duration of your career.

A personal message from SimSamurai owner Jeff Chartier. Join The Revolution! Most of our designs have some available storage space for items like software, books, maps, DVDs and more which is also very helpful for creating a valued training environment. So while our cockpits certainly have the look and feel of a professional flight simulator, they all retain some useful and most importantly functional traits of a home or office computer desk.

Lastly, all of our cockpits are not some huge 2, lb. Because we build our designs with a modular nature, y ou can easily place any SimSamurai cockpit right in your living room, school, or office where it can be easily relocated in the future. To conclude, please take notice that all of our products are purposefully designed to form a comprehensive training package.

Whether its the cockpit you will fly in, the hardware you may touch, the manual you may read, or the procedural checklists you will memorize, we have your journey covered from ground to sky!

Upward,…and Beyond! If you are having trouble viewing photos please refresh your browser!One PC and one monitor does not make a flight simulator seem very real. Add a second high-power PC, a few monitors, a yoke, pedals and a joystick and you are much closer to the feel of a real aircraft.

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Now go a step further and enclose a flight simulator into a cockpit shell, surround yourself with monitors powered by a few PCs and things get interesting…. Nothing beats a fully enclosed cockpit where you are surrounded by monitors and controls and an awesome sound system.

Click here and you will be taken to my page on Simmarket where you can purchase it. It has taken an enormous amount of time to create the e-book because I wanted to make absolutely sure that it was as easy as possible for you to quickly construct your own cockpit with the assurance that everything would fit properly. I created the dimensioned drawings for each part of that step, and, using those drawings, I immediately cut the wooden pieces in my little home workshop.

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It is very inefficient to design a part, then make it, and when there are enough, fit them together, but it ensures that every dimension that I required to cut the piece was there on the drawing and that no critical dimension had been left out.

Since the E-book was written side-by-side with the construction of the cockpit, you can be sure that it is error-free and absolutely possible for anyone who has a small amount of woodworking knowledge and is handy with basic tools. If you are not a woodworking hobbyist at all, simply take all the dimensioned drawings to a professional wood-shop and they will cut them for you, or, to get it done even cheaper, locate an amateur woodworker in your neighbourhood who will cut the pieces for you over a period of time.

Now go a step further and enclose a flight simulator into a cockpit shell, surround yourself with monitors powered by a few PCs and things get interesting… Nothing beats a fully enclosed cockpit where you are surrounded by monitors and controls and an awesome sound system.

But how? What does the E-book cost?

flight sim cockpit plans

EUR Want it? Not sure?

flight sim cockpit plans

Need more details? Read on… This E-Book provides a step-by-step guide to building the cockpit enclosure for a flight simulator using hundreds of wood parts cut according to clear understandable drawings. Although the cockpit is designed to fit into a room as small as 2,5m x 4m, it is based on the dimensions of the Cessna and is life-size.

The book is a construction manual. While this E-Book is a generic blueprint, you will need to be prepared to make alterations in the design to fit the exact dimensions of your monitors and whether they are removed from their bezels or not and also to accommodate the simulator control hardware.

Since the entire structure is held together with screws and wood joints, not glue you will be able to dismantle and re-assemble the cockpit. It will, no doubt, require a new paint job and windscreen repairs each time you assemble it, though. What this book is not: The book does not include any computer hardware recommendations or flight simulation software instructions.

I can, however, offer insights, support, configuration instructions even shopping lists etc. This cockpit uses monitors as windows. It is static. This is not a weekend project — it will take you many hours to build this cockpit. What does it cost?

flight sim cockpit plans

Still not sure? Read on… It has taken an enormous amount of time to create the e-book because I wanted to make absolutely sure that it was as easy as possible for you to quickly construct your own cockpit with the assurance that everything would fit properly. I first created the design using a 3D CAD program.The guide also features an Interactive OFP Samplewhich allows the user to hover over any area of a sample flight plan for a detailed description of what it means and how it's used.

AIRAC cycles define the waypoints, airways, and procedures used by the world's air traffic. Please visit the Account Settings page for more details. News Releases. The new server is over twice as powerful and should sustain the website for some time. My sincerest thanks to everyone for your generous support, this wouldn't be possible without you! Thanks to all who participated, you can view a breakdown of the results on Navigraph's Blog here!

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Then after you get it you realise that you will never get rid of it. I slept in it last night god its so comfortable". No nickel and diming the customer to death to assemble a complete rig. Mark S. Attaches in minutes to your Volair Sim cockpit.

Padded carbon-fiber look glareshield with hand stitching. Compatible with all versions of Volair Sim. Most manufacturers have a strategy to charge a lower base price for the "bare" cockpit and then charge high premium for extras. We, at Volair Sim, believe that you should not pay premium for accessories that you may need now or in the near future. You get ALL the left, center, and right mounts included standard for maximum configurability. Fully articulating arms allowing for custom angles from degrees for the side displays.

Fully adjustable height and distance from user. Compatible with all verisions of Volair Sim. Excludes shipping costs. The optional arm rests allow for precision flying.

View on Mobile.Welcome Pilot! Our approach is one of making flight simulators more flexible and cost-effective for the home user, hobbyist, school, or training professional. The UGTAFS also teaches how to manage, mold, and manipulate all of the top add-on software for desktop computer based flight simulation. Please take a few minutes to check out our entire website. In short, all SimSamurai cockpits can be applied to any flight simulator software and will make for a very immersive environment.

SimSamurai began business in If you cannot find what you need we will always do our best to give you the right heading! Our slogan says it all… Prepare For Takeoff! Welcome to SimSamurai. We greatly thank all of our customers. Together we fly forward into the future! This issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience during this time. Please shop with confidence. At SimSamurai we achieve all these goals and more. If you have any questions not already detailed within the website or on the FAQ or Mantra pages please feel free to side slip an email to.

Sim Flight Planning Tool Box. If you are having trouble viewing images please refresh your browser.It was to be the greatest of all home cockpits ever built. At least in my mind! When I finished, I didn't want people to think I had lost my mind. I wanted them to be absolutely certain of it. To them, it was just a silly computer game. To me though, it was my escape to the skies when I couldn't really fly for real.

After building this thing, I'm so broke; I may never be able to fly a real plane again. As a certificated private pilot, I can only wish for those every other day flights to far away places in my rented Cessna It is a real treat if I get to go up once a month just to stay comfortable in the air.

The rest of the time, it's Microsoft Flight Simulator to the rescue. I rave to anyone who will listen about how invaluable MSFS has been to me in obtaining my pilot certificate. The realism of the controls, the real world weather, interactive air traffic control, and the realistic scenery make this a program that goes beyond the "gaming" level.

It truly helps real pilots stay proficient when they can't really be in a real plane. Anyway, back to the home cockpit. I spent months plotting and planning every detail of this project.

flight sim cockpit plans

By the time I was actually ready to begin construction, I had already "built" this thing in my mind about five different ways. The planning definitely paid off when it came time to put it together.

Think about where you will put this thing since it will invariably wind up quite large when you are finished. Mine wound up being 4'W x 6'L x 6'H. I have no idea how much it weighs, but it's fairly heavy. I decided on the basement since it would be the most out of the way place and I wasn't about to give up my parking spot in the garage. Weeks of begging wouldn't convince my wife to give up hers either. My biggest problem now is that this thing was built in the basement and is never coming out.

It would have to be carefully disassembled and I hope that won't be necessary anytime soon. With the cockpit now usable I can honestly say that even though I was an avid flight simmer before, this has taken the experience to a much higher level. More comfort, more realistic controls with the use of rudder pedals, bigger display. Now it really is "as real as it gets". In the pages that follow I will try to document the entire process I followed while planning and building my cockpit.

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